“SOMETIMES I JUST LISTEN TO THE BIRDS SING” is an installation by mk in collaboration with what is left of Trapdoor Projects’ exhibition space following a recent fire in April 2021. Functioning in the same way as one would handle grief, mk considers the parallels of the tribulations of their parents and of themselves, exploring the relationship of this event to their own family histories and complex trauma.

“A fire is something that comes out of the blue, without any warning.” While Trapdoor Projects still stands, in its current condition the previously installed self portraits for To Repair Broken Skin are now ashes and ghosts. With the use of audio and mk’s family archives, viewers are invited to listen, look and experience this installation from the outside looking in.


mk is an artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2017, they received their BFA in Photography and Digital Media from the University of Houston and are completing their MFA in Photography at the University of New Mexico. They are originally from a small rural town by the name of Sulligent, Alabama. A driving force for the majority of their work, mk has expanded on the concept of home encompassing place, family, and self.

Using found items, stories, and the longing to be back in their small town, mk investigates coping mechanisms through the function of photographic memory. They work in a variety of mediums ranging from photography, printmaking, and sculpture to pursue and question their upbringing, identity, family, and the terms of loss and memory.

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